Youth Elders

Youth Elders are elected by the congregation for a term of one year.  They are fully ordained elders in the Presbyterian Church. These high school sophomores or juniors must be members of the church, they attend session meetings with a voice and a vote, they serve on committees, and are leaders in the church and their youth group.  Our current youth elders for 2019 are Sam van de Graaf and Lizzie Moody.

Third Sundays

The third Sunday of each month, the youth assist in the worship service by serving as morning lay reader and ushers.  If you would like to serve in one of these capacities, please contact Jaime Ambrose or Lane Newsome.

Youth Sundays

A couple of times during the year the youth are responsible for planning and leading the worship service.  These Youth Sundays allow the youth to present and teach what they experienced during their summer trips each year, as well as to lead the congregation in Christmas Eve worship.  These are both extremely meaningful services which the youth enjoy and see as a way to give back to their church family.  Click here to see photos and video of our October 8, 2017 Youth Sunday.